Rgpv cisco academy how to get enroll on free courses of cisco. First we know about what is CISCO .

Cisco Systems, American tech. company, operating worldwide, that is best known for its CN products. As a company that sell its products mostly to other company . Cisco did not become a small name, but in the second decade of the 21st century . It was one of the largest office in the US Cisco was founded in 1984 and has its main office located in San JoseCalifornia.

Cisco Systems
Cisco SystemsA Cisco Systems building.© Ken Wolter/Shutterstock.com

In 2006 Cisco intro. TelePresence, an explanation of video conferencing . Cisco’s network skill made it a main provider of products for the Internet of Things . Room retired in 2015 , as the company more and more changed its importance from hardware to software.



RGPV, also known as UIT of BHOPAL MP. It is a multi campus , research college offering diploma, UG , PG , . In fields like engr tech., phar., management, arch. , design and applied sci.


RGPV has partnered with CISCO NetAcad to bring the benefits of digital technology in the Students .


CISCO Net. Academy Program is the only flagship CISCO Global CSR program been perform across World . Cisco change the lives of learners, educators and group through the power of tech. , education and career . Ava. to anyone, anywhere . Cisco give access to industry suitable and content in areas of Net. , CS Programming, IoT, Program designed , Linux and General IT are available at zero cost to students .


NF is a not for profit edu. society (NGO) set up by the member of NIIT in 2004. Its mission is to positively effect the poor of the country through edu. and skill development programs . NIIT Foundation, an Education NGO has to reach the un reached, un cared and un attended to ensure overall growth of India .

NIIT FOUNDATION is an authorized Acad. Support Center and Instructor Training Center of CISCO Net Acad. , who support cisco partnered acad. for Net Acad programs to improve .

The purpose of this patnership is to increase the growth to edu. and career PATH . The ICT industry who are in demand as well as to provide the enough number of qualified experts .

Cisco certification program overview :-

The following Certi. Cisco include :-

There are many certifications and paths one can take in Cisco’s career program. That said, its two main paths cover net. operation and net. design. A Cisco networking certi. steps begins with the entry level CCENT , moves up to the CCNA, onto the CCNP and with the CCIE. The design oriented might rather consider starting with the CCENT, moving up to the CCDA, then the expert level CCDP, followed by the CCDE, and finish the program with the CCAr.

  These certi. allow a expert skills in a Cisco technology, such as data center application services, voicemail and messaging or rich media.

The Technical expert category includes six step :

  • Teamwork
  • DC
  • NET Programmability
  • OS
  • Service Provider
  • IOT

Entry , associate and expert level are valid for three years , CCIE and expert certifications are valid for two years and the CCAr is valid for five years . To keep certifications current, Cisco need to re -certify by passing a re -certification exam or advanced to a higher level in Cisco’s certification tree .

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